The paper is a small-scale written work. Students of such works even sign a dozen over the course of their studies. The research does not require a separate study, it is enough to convey the ideas and conclusions of other authors on a particular topic. The writers of the staff of the staff can also help with writing the report: answer the questions, help with the preparation of the written work plan or the selection of literature. During the semester it is usually necessary to write several papers. At the same time, it is necessary to attend lectures, read obligatory literature and literature necessary for the written work, prepare for interim studies. So the amount of time that can be allocated to one report is certainly not much. However, it is not necessary to have a lot of time to write a quality report.

Plan your time.

Think about how much time you can spend on writing one report. Then distribute it for a variety of tasks: search for information, reading literature, planning, writing and editing. When doing all these tasks, do not exceed the time allocated for each task, as it will be difficult to complete the work without delay. Don’t stay in front of your first work department for too long because you may not have enough time to write the rest of the text. It is much better if the work units are evenly sized and as specific as to maintain the continuity of your report.

Choose a topic. The topic of the paper should not be something special, complicated or scientifically new. In most cases, you can think of the topic yourself or choose from the topics suggested by the teacher. So, choose a topic that is interesting, useful, and not very difficult for you. It would be great if you knew the subject at least a bit: then the writing process would be even faster. You will not make the scientific discovery of the report, so do not complicate your life on a too complex subject.

Get to know the task well.

Take the time to look at the teacher’s requirements: the scope of the work, the purpose of the report, and so on. The teacher does not always formulate some specific requirements. If the lecturer has not provided such requirements, then you will always be required to have about 12 pages of work with an introduction, a lecture section, conclusions and a list of literature, in which you have to specify the theoretical aspects of the topic in question by reviewing its main literature.

Review the list of literature given by the teacher. Usually, in the first lecture, the lecturer gives a list of literature relevant to the course he teaches. So look carefully at it and you will probably find at least one scientific work relevant to your topic. Take a look at it, look for other relevant articles in the links provided by the author. Remember that you can also use your lecture notes to write a report. Of course, you will not include links to them, but if the subject you are writing is touched on during lectures, it is likely that the teacher has highlighted the most important things in it; in addition, he had to provide the information on the basis of a structure that you can transfer to your report.

Search the Internet. You can also find information sources online. There are plenty of articles in foreign languages ​​here, as well as free access to foreign authors’ books. It’s important to enter a few keywords that best reflect your topic in the search engine. It should not be difficult to do this when writing a report, because there are usually specific topics that can be easily found.

Do not overdo it while searching for information.

Exclude some of the latest research material you will work on; if possible, find works that oppose the prevailing theories. The list of your literature should certainly not be very wide – the scope of the paper will not be enough to carry out a broad theoretical research, and it is important for you to reveal the main issues and aspects of the topic.

Don’t read all the books. It is certainly not necessary to read the entire book to understand the essence of your topic – even if it is all dedicated to your topic. Read the introduction and conclusions. In this way you will get acquainted with the process of research of the topic, the development of ideas, because the introduction will introduce the review of literature and evaluate the work of the authors who have written earlier, and the conclusions will record the results of the new research. This is all you need to know when writing your report.

Make a plan. After reading the literature, make a plan for the presentation. Probably after reading the literature, all the information you have already “concealed” into a particular system. A teacher who is asked to write a report wants to see how you are able to process the material and structure it. So, plan at least a few chapters and sub-chapters of the work that relate to each other and create a coherent story.

Exclude key thoughts. Every chapter and subdivision must have the basic idea that you develop. So, after figuring out what chapters and subdivisions you want to write in your work, outline the essence of each and every one of them, set out the main arguments. It will serve as a skeleton of the paper.

Write a tutorial. Once you have highlighted the essential nuances of the topic, you can start writing the text of the paper. It is great if you wrote the basic ideas in writing – writing them just enough to add details, argue and put them into a smooth story. Complete each chapter and subdivision to make it easier to write the conclusions of the paper. Do not try to use words that are difficult for you to understand, to construct text from long sentences and sound phrases so that you can get confused and hurt yourself. Try to make it as simple and understandable as possible, avoiding ambiguity and blasphemy. This saves you time and gives you good writing.

Write an introduction and conclusions.

Leave this part of the paper to the end. The introduction to the report should not be long: describe the purpose and objectives of the work, discuss the main literature used. In your conclusions, write the main aspects of the topic in your own words, and give a brief summary of it. When you write a report on your own, you won’t really make the original conclusions. It is easiest to leave these parts of the paper to the end, because you will already know what tasks you have accomplished while writing the introduction, and you will be able to present the structure of the work and the topic framework adequately and concisely. This saves time.

Edit it. Don’t forget to edit it for a quality report. Take into account the requirements of the high school for the design of the writing works, correct the grammatical and stylistic mistakes. Grammatically and visually neat work will look much more solid.

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