During the studies, students face various types of writing.

The first writing skills are acquired by writing papers; Later, he goes to a more serious, exploratory coursework, and finally a bachelor’s and master’s thesis. Each of these writings is a serious challenge for the student. The procedures and requirements for writing papers are rare, which is introduced at school. So, writing a report in the first year seems like a big task. Any of these works can be handled by the staff – experienced consultants, ready to answer any questions related to the written work, to help plan the work, to compile a list of literature and to assist in the preparation of a quality presentation. Therefore, it is worthwhile to review the differences between the requirements for the thesis, the course and the bachelor thesis.

Report. This is a small-scale review of the essay on a single, specific topic. The volume of the report is about 12 pages. The lesson usually takes about 8 pages. It can be both self-contained and group work. The report has all the mandatory constituent parts of the paper: title page, introduction, content, teaching, conclusions, references. In the introduction of the paper, as well as in the final paper, the aim of the work, the tasks, the problem of the topic and the sources of information are reviewed. The purpose of this paper is to develop the skills of material comprehension, analysis and generalization, to develop scientific text writing, citation, text structuring skills, ability to maintain impartiality. The report may be descriptive or investigative. In the first case, information from scientific literature is used. This is a concise form of presentation of information that has been seen, heard or read. It is very important to study the topic, to create a proper work structure, to draw attention to the topical issues of the topic, to gather various sources of information necessary for the topic, to compare them, to highlight and evaluate the different opinions of the authors. The report systematizes various scientific theories related to the problem under review and provides assessment or student insights. Exploratory papers are written in higher-level courses, when the student already has both the theoretical knowledge base and the practical skills. A small self-study is done when writing them. The report should normally be written separately for each semester subject. The criteria for evaluating a report are usually given by the lecturer during the first session. The report may form a part of the final evaluation, but may only be a mandatory task that does not allow the examination to take place. So everything depends on the teacher.

Course work.

It is an analytical research work of an independent nature. He is beyond the scope of the report, both in scope and nature, and must have the characteristics of the research work. So if the lecturer teaches the student to write, structure the text, the course paper teaches him / her to investigate a particular problem. The course work usually consists of about 20-30 pages. In this kind of work, the problem is more deeply explored than referate. During the course work, the student must not synthesize, but deepen and analyze previous research and theories. When writing a course paper, the student already uses specific methods that can be explained by the choice. The course paper must develop the skills of writing research work, encourage self-raising and solving problems, and gather the necessary literature. The topic of the written work can be invented by the student himself – or by choosing from the suggestions of the lecturers. Course work is usually conducted throughout the school year. The work has the usual structure of writing works: introduction, tutorial, conclusions and list of literature. The course paper deals with narrow problems and theoretical analysis. In this paper the student reviews various scientific theories related to the problem being analyzed, analyzes and systematizes them, formulates conclusions based on the research results. The aim of the course work is to teach the student to independently analyze and solve problems related to his / her specialty, to find the necessary scientific information, to critically evaluate the works of other scientists, to express and argue his statements, to formulate conclusions. In the course work, the student has to demonstrate how to use the concepts, analyze the sources of information, and apply them to certain generalizations. It is best to choose a course topic that can later be extended to undergraduate work. After writing this course you will have a foundation for the Bachelor’s paper, and the theme will not be completely new. Whether the course work is defended depends on the policy of the faculty. If the course paper is defended, it is a great workout before defending the bachelor’s thesis.

Bachelor work.

It is an independent research work of the research character that crowns all undergraduate studies. It must reflect the skills and competences acquired by the student at the higher education institution within 3-4 years and the ability to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. This paper is intended to develop research skills and form the basis of the work of an independent researcher, to test the student’s ability to find and use the various information resources, to define the goals and objectives of the research independently. During the writing of a bachelor’s thesis, the student examines a specific problem relevant to a particular field of science and carries out an independent research. Collecting data for the bachelor’s thesis and writing your own work helps you to grasp the issues of your field, use the terms and concepts properly, master the research methods, develop analytical abilities, form and improve the scientific writing style, be able to present the results of the research properly, logically and consistently, based on the research data. specific conclusions and summaries. For bachelor theses, there are clear requirements for volume and design, in the methodological guidelines of the university or its individual faculty.

Bachelor work is usually about 50 pages of text.

It consists of the title page, the introduction (it contains the main information related to the research, the researcher formulates the reality, the tasks, identifies the problems, discusses the research methods and justifies their choice, the topicality of the topic, reviews the scientific literature and the sources used), content, theoretical part of the research, practical part of the research, conclusions, annexes, summary in foreign language and references. In this work, the student is expected to have independent study and original conclusions. Therefore, bachelor theses are usually written on a topic that has not been previously researched by scientists – or a completely new methodological approach or other angle of approach is proposed for research on the topic. Bachelor’s theses are defended at a public final thesis defense session, and a bachelor’s degree is awarded to a defended student.

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